LEGAL NOTIFICATION – Website conditions of use

Website (hereafter referred to as the “Website”) of NEWA Techno Industria Srl, with registered office: Via dell’Artigianato 2, 35010 Loreggia (PD) – Italia, TIN ---, (hereafter referred to as “NEWA”) created as additional online source of information, provided by “NEWA”.

Acceptance of the use conditions
Use of this Website means understanding and acceptance of provisions and conditions listed below. Acceptance is considered to be obtained on the basis of the fact of navigation on the Website.
If the provisions and conditions provided herein are inapprehensible or not accepted, “NEWA” suggests you to refrain from visiting the website and not to download and/or use any materials provided on the Website.

Restrictions on use
Contents of the Website, which are purely descriptive and uncomprehensive, as well as graphic design, text, files, video records, images and data are intended for personal unprofessional use. The Website services and contents are protected by the law of copyright and, in general, industrial design rights and intellectual property (trademarks, patents, etc.) and are in possession of “NEWA” or those who legally hold the corresponding rights.
The User is obliged to carry out additional instructions, which can be posted on the Website, in view of industrial design and intellectual property rights for the contents, access to which is provided when using the website services.
The User may not, wholly or partially, alter, publish, transfer, share, assign for use, reproduce by any way (beyond the above-mentioned restrictions), provide access or obtain any commercial profit from the contents and services (including software) of this website.
The User has the right to download or copy the contents or any other materials, available when using the website services, for personal use, on condition that the User strictly observes the rules on the copyright protection and other instructions provided on the Website. Reproduction or acquisition of any provided data for any purposes divergent from personal use, without prior unambiguous written permission by “NEWA” or any other owner of copyright, or any other industrial and intellectual property right, are strictly prohibited, according to the instructions of the Website.

Exclusion of liability
“NEWA” shall not in any way be responsible for damage, either direct or consequential, incurred due to the visit to the Website, impossibility or inability to get access to the Website due to use of services. “NEWA” shall guarantee to provide greatest possible Website information updating, but shall not provide guarantees regarding its correctness, reliability or accuracy. “NEWA” shall not in any way be responsible and, consequently, shall not provide any guarantees related to information, data, references, undertakings, as well as possible technical or any other inaccuracy, which can be provided on the Website.
“NEWA” retains the right to make changes, add and/or delete any kind of information, program or section of the Website, at any time and without previous notice.

Liability and Guarantee Statement
The User shall state, guarantee and shall be obliged not to use materials downloaded from the Website, in order to:
a.) use and/or send by email, or transfer, or distribute by any other way, the information which can be illegal, deleterious, containing threats, offensive, annoying, discrediting and/or defamatory, vulgar, obscene, infringing personal interests of other people, racial, of class character, reprehensible in any way;
b.) inflict damage to non-adult persons;
c.) imitate right ownership or falsify distinctive features or requisite details, in order to falsify the source of the downloaded, transferred or distributed information;
d.) publish or send by email, or transfer and distribute by any other way the information with no rights to transfer due to the legislative provision, contract or due to trust relationships (e.g. secret information, confidential information, obtained in work relationships and protected by the confidentiality agreement);
e.) to carry out framing of the information provided on the Website;
f.) use and/or send by email, or transfer, or distribute by any other way, the information, which may contain infringement of patents and trademarks, disclosure of secrets, violation of copyrights, or any other industrial and/or intellectual property rights, or any other personal and property rights of third parties;
g.) use and/or send by email, or transfer, or distribute by any other way, without permission or request, any advertising and promotional materials, mailouts such as junk mail, spam, luck chain letters, to obtrude one’s services in any other way; h.) to violate, deliberately or unintentionally, any applicable laws or rules. Settlement of claims Application of the use conditions is governed by the legislation of Italy. Consideration of any disputes in any manner associated with application and interpretation of this use rules, is reserved to Court of Padua.